Argumentative Essay Sample

Argumentative Essay Sample

Argumentative essay sample

I believe that success does not occur by accident but through hard work, learning, loyalty, perseverance, and, above all, passion for one’s job. For the past few years, I have committed myself to meet our organizational… objectives by completing assigned tasks diligently without the need for supervision. When a child, I learned that service to humanity is the first step towards a peaceful and just society as well as self-fulfillment.

Dedication to work has been instrumental throughout the period I have been in the nursing home, and I have realized immense development from acquiring new skills and responsibilities. The knowledge has also benefited the organization and the local residents gave that acquiring the new skills came with servitude. I attribute much of my success to my love for the job although I strongly believe that I deserve a raise.
I joined the company two years ago armed with a staunch devotion to serving the seniors in the local community wholeheartedly. Currently, I have been able to meet not only my personal objectives but also the predetermined company goals of promoting good health and happiness for senior residents through apt caregiving and service delivery. I joined the home as a server with the responsibility of ensuring that the occupants receive quality and appropriate care.

Since then, I have been working tirelessly to achieve these goals and to promote the reputation of the organization. As a result, the home has experienced immense development and success given the numerous feedbacks about the company on Facebook and Twitter pages. Hence, I feel honored to be part of such success and recognition concerning our commitment to service and care for senior citizens in our country. I perceive their appreciation as a motivating factor to do more, and I am willing and ready to work towards greater success.
Seniors are individuals with extensive experience in service delivery. Most of them have been through various organizations for health care and other needs. Because of their overarching experience, they are predominantly well equipped with the knowledge to analyze various service concepts in our workplace and to offer unbiased opinions. When at the nursing home, I have realized that their major concern is providing their opinions on issues and areas that need improvement. They are people that have persevered a lot while serving the nation, and they would be happy spending their last years ensuring that other people receive similar if not better care when they come to the nursing home. Hence, I perceive their appreciation of my work as credible compliments of which I should not take advantage.
It is my kind submission that since joining the organization, I have played a key role in the realization of a considerable improvement of service delivery. Few months after joining the team, I embarked on learning more responsibilities through dedication and love of my work and the company as a whole. I understand that collective responsibility in the workplace is inevitable if the employees are loyal to the organization’s objectives, which bonds them towards reaching a common goal.

With this idea in mind, I have readily assumed various roles that were previously assigned to other colleagues, more so when we face a limited staff capacity. For instance, I have learned how to run foods in our busy cafeteria, and I have willingly served as a hostess to ensure that the senior residents receive proper care and service without delays. Furthermore, I have acted as a duty reset person or barista when the seniors overwhelm our eatery. I have assumed these roles in addition to my assigned responsibilities so that I can offer great service to the residents and protect the company’s brand image.
My persistence and passion at work have repeatedly been exemplified in the organization. In fact, every person deserves to rest to replenish their energy after working hard. However, in my case, although I have taken some time off, I have not had the chance to enjoy a full holiday given the limited staff that we have at the time and the high number of residents. Therefore, even during my days off, I have always come willingly when called to lend a hand. My response has not been accidental; it emanates from the inherent desire to serve the seniors enthusiastically and without complaints. According to clients reviews of social media, such conduct is part of the factors that have contributed to the organization’s high ratings because the residents have always had someone to take care of them satisfactorily.

From my observations, I have realized that only a few individuals in the home offer services that are beyond their present responsibilities. In the spirit of service to humanity and the accomplishment of organizational values, I have defied practicing this behavior; rather, I have volunteered to assist the residents on different occasions when the responsible staffs are overloaded with work. I have also volunteered to do paperwork in the office. Serving senior people can sometimes be demanding, but with the right aim, it becomes enjoyable and rewarding seeing everyone is happy and appreciates our services. It is my plan to continue offering great service to both the organization and the senior residents. Therefore, although I affirm that my success can be attributed to my love for the work, I would appreciate it if I were given a raise.

Reflection Questions

1. How important are aesthetic values to you in leisure and recreation? For example, should we spend tons of money designing and paving a beautiful but rugged hiking trail in the Yellow Stone National Park to make it accessible for people using wheelchairs? If so why or why not? Follow the required argumentative essay format.
2. The ancient Greeks believed happiness was brought about by living a virtuous lifestyle, which they defined as the balance between excess and deficiency. Do you believe your life is balanced? If it is not in balance, what are some of the excesses and deficiencies you are experiencing, and how might you change your lifestyle to make it more balanced?
3. Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption maintains that the super-rich of his time attempted to raise their social status by spending their money on very expensive items such as yachts, country estates, and lavish parties. Think of a luxury item or something that you purchased to “spoil” yourself. What sort of images did you associate with the product before you purchased it? Now that you own the product, does it satisfy your expectations? Would you buy this product again?
4. Pieper and Russell both criticize our modern fixation on work. Both argue that we live to work rather than work to live. Do you think it is mainly your work that makes your life fulfilling and defines who you are, or is it your leisure that you primarily identify with and gives your life meaning?
5. Putnam’s book Bowling Alone documents how social capital has declined as people have become less active in traditional community organizations and group leisure activities. However, there has been tremendous growth in social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Do you think these new technology-based ways of making and maintaining social connections are worse than, equal to, or better than traditional face-to-face social interactions and social activities?
6. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato thought that certain types of stories and music should be prohibited because these forms of leisure would affect people negatively, particularly the young. Today playing violent and sexually explicit computer games is a major way in which young people use their leisure time. Should there be restrictions on the content of computer games, including banning those that portray very graphic violence and sexual content? What are your personal opinions and thoughts?


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