Writing Argumentative Essays

Writing Argumentative Essays


Writing Argumentative Essays

The main function of argumentative essays is to show that your opinion/theory/statement about some question is more truthful and correct than others’. Usually, it should be started with a short introduction where the author tells his opinion about the phenomenon. The body of the essay is the author’s explanations and arguments why he thinks in this way. Show here all true information, facts, and evidence that your opinion is correct. In conclusion, it has to be said about a positive or negative impact, some ways of further solving the problem and a short summary of the main ideas. Argumentative essays can include lists of arguments, pros and/or cons of the statement(s), persuasive facts and good examples to illustrate your rightness in a question.

Tips on Writing Argumentative Essays

Avoid emotions and wrong evidence in this kind of essay. Everything should be clear and according to real facts. Notice that you should tell what you think using arguments. Proving and persuading isn’t your purpose but it can become a good result.

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If you got a task to write an argumentative essay, you should read this article that consists of main guidelines and advice on how to write this type of essays step by step. First of all, be aware of the number of words your professor gave you because it can influence the quality of your essay and the resulting mark.

  • Understand your topic

The topic of argumentative essay usually contains the question you should confirm or refute, discuss different points of view and tell about yours. But firstly the main thing you’d do is to understand this question and decide which side you’re going to take.

  • Watch your language

Before writing argumentative essays think over those important words that you will often use. To avoid repeating them, use synonyms. In result, your essay will be correct, well-written and the main idea and arguments will be formulated. If you don’t know which synonyms are better-used dictionaries (books and online services), choose the most adequate variants.

  • Remember the counter arguments

Writing argumentative essays, remember the counter-arguments. You need them to increase the persuasion of your own thoughts and statements. Understanding two controversial points of view help students to improve their skills in argumentation and persuasion.

Creativity is one of the must-have things for you to be good at writing different essays. And it’s not a secret. If you want to improve it, so you’d practice. Essay formats play a very important role and every student has to take them into account before writing essays.

  • Forget about controversial topics

According to essay formats, it’s good if you use some examples to argue your opinion. One of the most spread mistakes of many students is a constraint to talk about own experience. It’s not about personal life but about some accidents from one’s life that helped to understand some statements. You can use examples from the history as well. The most important is not to use controversial topics for this essay format.

  • Structure your essay accordingly

Every argumentative essay should start with the introduction. The main body consists of several statements, arguments, and evidence. Show in the text that this is your opinion using different language figures and phrases. And after all, write a general conclusion.

  • Consider using two-example essay format

This kind of essay format needs to have two examples. It’s obvious from the name. You can compare these examples, contrast them for proving your opinion. Don’t hesitate to use complicated pictures and schemes. All that you need is to understand everything written and explain it to readers. As a result, you have a brilliant argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Structure

For high school and college students writing argumentative essays is more boring and complicated than writing other kinds of essays. Understanding this fact we decided to help and show that this process isn’t as difficult as many students think. So while writing argumentative essays next time, take into account our recommendations below.

  • Begin with the thesis statement

What should you start with? Remember that first paragraph is brief information about your topic and all that you’re going to write. You’d make your readers interested in a whole article. And always mention the main thesis statement in the first paragraph. It summarizes all your arguments and helps readers to take “for” or “against” side. But your introduction should be definite about your position on the issue. So, be careful and attentive.

  • Organize your arguments

To get the high mark for your argumentative essay you should write not only about one side of the chosen question. It’s not enough. Before making a conclusion, make a short review of other opinions and evidence; explain why you don’t accept them. Also, think the counter-arguments and how you can refute them and persuade your opponents. All your points should be well-organized and easy to understand. If it’s possible, use statistical information from reliable sources.

  • Look for a professional opinion

Every well-written article or persuasive essay starts from the preliminary preparation. That’s why it’s so important. If you don’t know what to begin with, look for a professional opinion, what other people thought about your topic, what they wrote. Believe us, you’ll find a lot of answers and ideas for your essay.

  • Your point of view should be clear

The introduction of your essay should be clear and contain the general idea of the whole text. You can just say what you think about the problem or write the controversial opinion to other statements. But be clear and simple in explaining what you think. Your readers should understand you in the right way.

  • Forget about the word limit

The certain number of words you have to write can limit your possibilities to argument your opinion and persuade in it. In the main body of your essay feel free to use evidence, examples, and reliable sources. But if you use too many different thoughts it seems that you don’t know what to talk about. Choose just 4-5 quality statement and it’ll be enough.


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